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Help us move Montebello!

Montebello Moves is a year-long study that will identify how Montebello Bus Lines can improve transit service for its community.

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The initial phase of the study is a comprehensive review of existing transit service and market conditions. The study also includes robust community engagement, including an on-board survey, virtual public meetings, and stakeholder discussions. Information gathered from these activities will be used to develop a strategic plan to guide service improvements and expansion through 2028.


Public input is critical to the success of Montebello Moves. We encourage you to use this site to learn about this project and provide your comments and feedback to improve future service. 

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Here is the Montebello Moves study area:

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Get Involved!

Community participation is vital to the development of the Montebello Moves plan. Whether you are an existing rider or simply an interested party, we encourage you to attend a virtual public meeting or pop-up events. Stay tuned for the next round of events near you.

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We held a virtual public meeting on Thursday, March 17. 

A video recording of the virtual open house is now available in English and in Spanish. 


Can't make it to one of the meetings?

Please take the following short survey to let us know about your transit needs and preferred improvements.

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Share with others!

We also invite you to share the project website with anyone else who may be interested in improving Montebello Bus Lines.

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Project Schedule:

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View the project documents

As the project progresses, documents detailing findings and recommendations will be posted here.

Existing Conditions Report

View the Existing Conditions Report to learn more about Montebello Bus Lines’ characteristics, current challenges, and opportunities.

Fact Sheet

View the one-pager fact sheet summarizing the study purpose, outreach opportunities, and timeline.

Virtual Public Meeting # 1

View the first virtual public meeting held on October 28, 2021.

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